Snapshots of the Week

This week has been pretty uneventful (awesome).

Cece went to the doctor on Monday to discuss the use of the daily allergy/asthma medication and the “rescue inhaler”, but other than that, we’ve been taking it easy with a few trips to town and a trip to the science center.

After talking to Cece’s doctor, we’re choosing to track her allergy symptoms so that we can identify her triggers before she goes on the medication (which still seems to be a likely outcome down the road). Fall and winter are tough on people who have asthma and allergies, so we’ll probably see her symptoms worsen and then we’ll really know if the medication is helping her if we choose to use it.

The doctor assured us that it’s the most gentle route to go and the next step would be daily steroids – we’re definitely not there yet. The good news is that this medication would treat her allergies, asthma, and eczema – if it worked for her.

We picked up the rescue inhaler, because it’s good to have “just in case” and we were assured that it’s as benign as me drinking a cup of coffee or tea (the mention of those two words always give me instant comfort – how did the doctor know?!)

The doctor appreciates our approach; this isn’t an emergency, so taking the time to process, learn, and understand Cece’s needs is welcomed. It was really nice to let Cece play in an exam room and interact with the doctor while her and I spoke. No trauma, no one encroaching on her space – maybe her 2 year well-baby visit won’t be so tough.

Cece’s doctor also looked me in the eyes and said nothing about what we’re going through is unique. I think she could sense my stress and my desire to make my child comfortable, and she assured me that a lot of parents are going through the same thing and that she’s seen countless kids outgrow many or all of their allergies. It was like a verbal “I’m a parent too, I get it.” hug.

I love this pediatrician. After we used the epi on the Cece, she searched the whole office for two robot stickers for our little lady. At the last visit, she made Cece’s day with a dump truck sticker. Those two actions just show her willingness to treat each child as an individual, with unique needs and interests.

It’s been really fun seeing the interests that Cece has gravitated towards, without any encouragement from us – unfortunately, she’s been asking for a “robot shirt” for weeks and it’s difficult to find one geared towards girls.

Does anyone know the names of the clothing companies that make “girly clothes” with traditionally “boyish” subjects? If you know of any that have robot shirts, please send me their names! I’ve found a few in the US without robot shirts, and a few in the UK but the shipping would be crazy for a shirt that probably won’t fit her in the next few months.

Cece likes robots, dump trucks, and tutus – we feel she should be able to have feminine clothes that fit her interests, even at her young age. It’s not that she doesn’t like kittens and ballerinas, she just prefers trucks and robots. And, if she’s anything like her Mama – she’ll be going through a dinosaur/space/astronaut phase in a few years. I remember being young and shopping in the boys section for a few years (think navy astronaut fanny pack, rugby shirts, and dark high tops with flourescent accents.)

Super Dada! Can mow the lawn and play frisbee at the same time - and, with a smile on his face!
Super Dada! Can mow the lawn and play frisbee at the same time – and, with a smile on his face!

Cece and I did a lot of baking with apples this week. We picked a 1/2  bushel so the three of us have had bellies full of apples.

We made two recipes from what is quickly becoming my favorite site to use for baking safe treats for Cece: Veg Recipes of India. Every recipe is vegetarian, and many of them are vegan. Every vegan dessert I’ve made from this site has been delicious. We’ve made the banana bread, upside down apple cake, and apple muffins. We’re going to make a second, double – batch of apple muffins today because Cece loved them. I can’t wait to try the apple pie recipe.

There was one day that she ate four of these delicious things. I do spoil her…

Each time I’ve made the banana bread, I’ve substituted safe chocolate chips for the sunflower seeds – because, why wouldn’t you?! But, other than that I’ve made very few adjustments to the recipes: the use of a different sweetener in the muffins and apple cake, less sugar in the apple cake…I think that’s it. If you don’t have allergies and aren’t following a vegan diet, these are still recipes to try. SO GOOD!

Muffin thief!

It’s really starting to feel like fall today. The leaves around us are changing, the air is cool, Dada is watching football, and we’re baking with apples. I love how cozy the house feels on days like today.

When she's really working hard, the tongue comes out. Dada says she's just like Michael Jordan and destined for greatness.
When she’s really working hard, the tongue comes out. Dada says she’s just like Michael Jordan and destined for greatness.

2 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Week

  1. I’m craving apple muffins, pie, crisp…anything apple! The tongue is just like her dada. He was doing it before he knew who Michael Jordan was, so I think it must be genetic! Enjoy the prettiest season in NH! ❤ and miss you all!


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