Snapshots from last week

I’ll admit, we’ve been spoiling our little lady (and ourselves) for the last few weeks. We’ve been trying to embrace every moment of the last days of summer, while relaxing and enjoying these last few months as a family of three. Our lives will soon change, but they won’t be any less full of love and joy.

Here are some highlights from last weekend:

On Saturday we went up to Echo Lake for some fun in the sand and water. It wasn’t the perfect beach day, but I’ve found that kids don’t react to chilly waters the same way adults do. It doesn’t stop them from soaking up the opportunity to get wet, splash, and explore; and that’s just what our girl did.

IMG_8528IMG_8566IMG_8534 IMG_8569 IMG_8558 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8562

On Sunday we went to Windy Ridge Apple Orchard. It was a rainy day, which had Cece extra excited to be outside. Any day that she gets to wear her rain boots is an exciting one. We had collected apples at the science center last week so I knew Cece would be excited to practice this skill at a real orchard. She took a bite of every apple she personally picked and tried to steal a few from our bag. The Palumbos definitely sampled our haul before we left.

image1 (1) image1 (2) image3 image2 image1 (3) image3 (1) image1 (4)image2 (1)

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