A call to action

This is just a quick post. A few informational links and a link to a petition that has the power to raise awareness and create positive change.

If every one of our friends signed this petition and shared it with their friends, we’d have the additional 490ish signatures the creators of this petition were looking for in no time. Your comments on this petition could make a big impact – it only took me a minute or two to sign. Please help us.

I am hopeful that the labeling in this country will change and join the better labeling practices utilized in the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It’s going to happen, but every day that it doesn’t is a dangerous day for the over 15 million Americans who suffer with food allergies.

It’s not just food allergic families who need to interpret difficult-to-understand food labels, but also all caregivers and restaurant workers (who don’t have a personal stake in the game and the research under their belt), need to quickly be able to interpret them too.

Not all food-allergic families have the same resources we do. Food allergies are effecting people in every socioeconomic status. Not everyone has hours to spend researching and cooking, the same access to healthcare and epinephrine, or the ability to comprehend the severity of his or her food allergies.

This is literally a matter of life and death, every day, for us and millions of others in our country.

The Life-Changing Petition

For more information: The Center for Science in the Public Interest: News release

A recent article on The Huffington Post, citing this petition and it’s importance: ‘Open Sesame’ are not always magic words

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition.

As I’ve said before, everyone should desire to know what they’re eating, but for our family it’s an absolute necessity. I appreciate that so many people, currently unaffected by food allergies, have taken the time to learn with us, cry with us, cheer with us, and attempt to effect change with us. Each one of your comments is valuable.

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