What’s up, Wednesday?

My original intent for this blog was to stay connected with far away friends and family from our home in New Hampshire. We’ve been here almost three years, and making time for the many phone and email conversations we’d like to be having has been difficult.

New this week:

The most exciting new thing to happen this week has been our daughter’s obvious development of an imagination. For months now, she’s been playing “mama” with her baby dolls by tucking them in, feeding them, wheeling them around in a small stroller, and even changing their clothes. She’s also been setting up little scenes with her blocks and small figurines. But this week, she is straight up, trying to fool Mama and Dada.

Cece's blocks
Cece’s blocks

A few nights ago, our daughter and  I were upstairs getting ready for bed, when she said “Man Yellow Hat!”

She’s on a Curious George kick.

Curious Cece and Curious George
Curious Cece and Curious George

“Oh, yes, The Man in the Yellow Hat. He really loves George, even though George is SO naughty.” I said something like that, because George really is so naughty. He reminds me a lot of my toddler.

“No, there! Man Yellow Hat!” She points under the bed. CREEPY!

“You see the Man in the Yellow Hat under Mama’s bed? That’s silly.”

“No, There!!!” She points to the crawl space up near the ceiling. We’ve never opened that door. It’s entirely possible that a man wearing a yellow hat has been living in the crawl space for over two years.

Have your kids ever totally creeped you out? This was the equivalent of being alone with your dog or cat and having their ears perk up to listen to an inaudible sound while they stare at nothing.

The next day “honeybird, mama!” Honeybird is what she calls hummingbirds. Adorable. She started pointing all over the house. “Honeybird! There! There! There!”

Oh, no. Now, she’s hallucinating. Hallucinating: the way paranoid parents refer to the development of an imagination in a toddler with a good sense of humor. Anyway, today we’re being visited by fictional a “catapeepow” (caterpillar).

She’s also loved her crayons, painting, and blocks this week. She’s been sick since last Wednesday with a virus so we’ve been trying to have some low-key fun at home (aside from the trip to a creepy children’s museum that resulted in the return of her fever.)


Cece was also super excited to receive a special package containing three children’s books on the subject of food allergies from Aunt Beanie and Uncle Joe this week (Thanks again!). We get a lot of deliveries since we don’t have a lot of options for shopping around here. Living here has simplified our lives in so many ways, but sometimes we “need” to put an Amazon order in. This time the package was just for her! What fun!

New books!
New books!

Also, in exciting news, Dada is on vacation until next Wednesday! He hasn’t taken much time off in forever, and our vacations haven’t seemed like real vacations since we moved here. So this is going to be awesome! We’re even planning an overnight beach getaway. Woohoo!

All is good with baby #2. Her heart beat is right on target and she seems just as strong and active as her big sister. Brace yourselves!

Cece enjoys communicating with her baby sister by blowing raspberries on my belly. I can’t say I enjoy this nearly as much as she does. When my stomach is unavailable, like in public, she blows raspberries on my chest and yells “Baby inside!” for everyone to hear. It’s not embarrassing at all.

Life with The Palumbos is good! We’re all recovering from our scare last week, trying new recipes, baking homemade bread, and excited to see what the next several days off have in store!

Mac and No Cheese! "It's sosososo good, Mama."
Mac and No Cheese! “It’s sosososo good, Mama.”

5 thoughts on “What’s up, Wednesday?

  1. I am enjoying reading your blog – I like the strong mama bear you are! I teach first graders and at some point I expect to have a little kiddo with an allergy. This is helping me to understand how the parents will be feeling! My baby girl is only 2 months old but I am starting to consider what I would feel like if she had allergies! How/when did you find out about Cece’s allergies?

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    1. Thanks and congratulations on your baby girl! She’s so adorable!

      I wish I didn’t ignore the early signs of Cece’s allergies (constant eczema, colick, and obvious problems with her digestion). Her pediatricians weren’t much help or very knowledgeable about the possibility of allergies early on.

      We exclusively breastfed for the first 6 1/2 months and then started to introduce fruits and veggies slowly and one at a time. Her first taste of dairy (outside of anything that passed through my breast milk) was around 8 or 9 months and she had an anaphylactic reaction. It started with some redness around her mouth, blotches, then small hives and a swollen lip. By the time we made it to the hospital her eyes were swelling shut and she had a full body rash.

      Her reaction to eggs on her first birthday was about the same. It was her first taste and we made her dairy-free French Toast. She had big hives around her eyes and a rash on her chin before Andrew and I could even make our plates.

      Her reactions to garlic were less dramatic. We kept noticing a small rash at dinner time, blotches or a couple hives, and realized garlic cloves were in almost everything we were eating. So we had her tested by a pediatric allergist to confirm an allergy to fresh garlic clove and garlic extract.

      When you start introducing foods I’d suggest keeping track of any changes in digestion or her skin, in addition to more obvious, immediate signs like an immediate rash, small red spots, hives (they look like raised bug bites and can be tiny or very big), and obvious swelling. Then just notify your doctor and find an allergist if you suspect an allergy.

      Allergic reactions can vary. You’ll know you’re baby and be able to tell if something doesn’t seem right. Watching her try new foods will be so much fun for you, so don’t worry about it too much!

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