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The Blame Game

My labor started sometime on Saturday, intensified during the night, and on Sunday morning, my water broke. I labored all day and night, and my daughter was born early Monday morning. It was long, exhausting, and painful.

There was complication followed by complication, but when all of the pushing was done and my girl was on my chest, my heart immediately started singing. I think it literally grew all of the necessary oral anatomy, vocal chords, and lungs and started to sing. Every love song I had ever heard started playing in my head with new meaning. This was love on another level.

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What’s up, Wednesday?

The Palumbos had a great vacation week! We had a lot of quality time as a family and finished the week off with a trip to the coast. Andrew and I used to make last minute travel plans all the time before we were parents. Day trips and overnights were part of our regular routine. Without a plan, we would throw on our shoes and leave for the day. Now a trip to the Target an hour away requires careful planning and packing meals and snacks for our girl. We felt really spontaneous when we booked a hotel room in York, Maine a week in advance. How life has changed…

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Saturday’s Snapshots of the Week

Yesterday, Cece and I met our buddies at Blair Woodlands while Dada waited for the cable/internet technician to show up (some vacation day!). Even though Blair Woodlands is just minutes from our house, we hadn’t yet checked this spot out. We were excited to make the short walk through the woods and spend some time playing on the pebbly banks of the Pemigewassat River.

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